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About Lea Marilyn

Lea Marilyn Holzfurtner (she/her) is an author, certified sex coach and psychological counselor. In her private practice in Berlin, she helps vulva owners who struggle with orgasm, shame or guilt to lead a satisfying, enjoyable and empowered sex life. As a clinical sexologist, Lea also works with couples and polycules of all genders who either lost their desire for sex or worry about potentially mismatching libidos or fantasies in a sex-positive and non-pathologizing way. Lea is the author or "The Ultimate Guide to Female Orgasm" and hosts the RTL+ Erotic Reality Stranger Sins.


Her evidence based approach incorporates 70 years of research: From the pioneers Masters & Johnson and Alfred Kinsey and key opinion leaders such as Helen Kaplan or Beverly Whipple, as well as the experimental researchers Hartman & Fithian, to the  educators Betty Dotson and Emily Nagoski. In her previous corporate life, Lea acted as Sales Director for a MarTech in Berlin after spending 10+ years in the Research sector in Dublin, London, and Munich.


Her academic degrees include both an MBA (Nottingham Trent University) and a BSc in Psychology (Universität Hagen) She is certified as a sex coach by Dr. Patti Britton (SCU), the "Mother of Sex Coaching" in the States, as a mediator according to the Mediationsgesetz, and as NLP Practitioner by the DVNLP.  In contrast to her colleagues in the field of somatic body work, Lea offers talk-based sex coaching (fully clothed, without physical contact). She is a member of the World Association of Sex Coaches and the German Association for Sexuality Research DGfS.

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To help individuals with vulvas and their partners enjoy a fulfilling and happy sexuality that fully reflects their desires and expectations. Lea aims to inspire to a positive attitude towards sexuality and to view it as a valuable and enriching aspect of human life.


To support individuals with vulvas and couples/polyamorous groups of all genders in achieving their sexual fulfillment and living a satisfying sexuality. Lea promotes self-confidence and self-love and aims to impart knowledge in the area of human sexuality.


Lea places great importance on transparency and a sex-positive and destigmatizing attitude and strives to maintain a neutral and respectful attitude towards all sexual topics. Her work is always goal-oriented and aimed at helping our clients achieve their sexual freedom and happiness.

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Why do you see these corporate logos? Glad you asked.

Emotion: Lea was asked by Friederike Trudzinski's team to write a short piece on sex dreams which was published in the August 2023 edition of the print magazine.

Venus: Lea gave several talks at the Hedonistic Lounge of Venus 2022 and 2023 to educate on topics such as common sex myths and the pleasure anatomy of vulva owners.

Powermindclub: Lea is part of the Powermindclub's coaches and therapists focused on supporting couples and has given a workshop on sex myths that affect sexuality for couples.

Junfernmann: Lea has published an article for their magazin "Praxis Kommunikation", was interviewed for their podcast "Appropo Psychologie" on the topic of sexuality within a coaching/ therapy practice and participated as a speaker in their congress "Paartherapiekongress".

Vulvaversity: Lea was recommended as a sex coach for vulva owners struggling with orgasm by the feminist collective who designed the only calendar showing 365 real life vulvas, volunteered as a model in the shooting for the last edition of the calendar, and is planning a collaboration project with the team in Berlin for late 2023.

Tagesspiegel: Lea was interviewed on female pleasure and sex myths at her private practice in Berlin's Konstanzerstrasse and is excited to see the article (to be published in July 2023).

RTL: Lea was a consultant to one of their teams for a new TV format on sexuality behind the camera in 2022 and was asked to step in front of the camera as an expert on sexuality for the same format in 2023 (to be released August/ September 2023).

Funke Digital: The team produced a six part documentary about the vulva and Lea was interviewed by the team on sex myths affecting the sexual wellbeing of vulva owners as well as the pleasure anatomy of vulva owners. The team also covered "The Vulva Night", an event hosted by Laia's where Lea spoke next to Dr. Alicia Baier (founder of Doctors for Choice Germany) and Kitty Mai (co-owner of the inclusive sex shop "Other Nature").

Femtasy: For their social media team Lea answered several sex questions from their community in her role as a sex coach, which were published to educate on and normalize masturbation and fantazising.

Klett Kotta: Lea was asked to speak at their online seminar series "Paartherapiekongress" and was interviewed by Tanja Klein on her recommendations for therapists and coaches to establish a sexpositive practice and to become more fluent in discussing matters of sexual wellbeing with their patients.

Bild: Lea was asked to support the creation of a 4 weeks challenge on increasing sexual intelligence which was published in 4 weekly articles online, and was later visited by Annabel Quaynor in her practice in Berlin's Konstanzerstrasse to be interviewed for the format "Sprechstunde" which 8 episodes featuring her were aired on TV in June 2023 and in various formats online. You can see part of the interview material on her homepage.

PlanetPsy: The collective organized the "Paartherapieonlinekongress" and invited Lea alongside other experts and therapist, including Dr. med. Melanie Büttner und Prof. Dr. Ulrich Clement, to speak on how to enable therapists to discuss sexual wellness with their patients.

Praxis Kommunikation: In the magazine, dedicated to coaching professionals, Lea published an article to empower life and business coaches to include sexual wellbeing in their systemic view of health and success.

SkirtClub: Lea was asked to speak at the community's Berlin event in Sep 2023 to introduce the female identified audience on their own pleasure anatomy and share orgasms enhancement tips from her book "The Ultimate Guide to Female Orgasm" (english Version) and

"Dein Orgasmus" (german Version).

You'll find more on my projects, partners and collaborations on my blog and live on my Instagram!

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