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The Ultimate Guide To Female Orgasm

Does it work solo (do you orgasm during masturbation) but not with your partner(s)? Have you never had the pleasure of experiencing an orgasm at all? Do you observe yourself and your performance during playtime instead of simply enjoying it? Do you think you should have a lot more fun - just like everyone else? I understand your frustration! In fact, you'd probably be surprised how many other vulva owners share your story! Some of them worry about the impact on their relationship(s), some experience performance pressure and some fear that there must be something wrong with them or their bodies. The World Association for Sexual Health recently called sexual pleasure "a matter of human right” and I am here to help you master the craft of allowing yourself that pleasure! Within the the guide, I give you lots of info about female orgasm, your pleasure (not only reproductive!) anatomy and share tips and trick that can support you on your mission to orgasm (more regularly / with your partner(s)).

“The author has provided a great service to vulva owners of all ages who have struggled with orgasm. She has distilled 70 years of sex research and sex therapy practice into a marvelous workbook I heartily recommend. Any vulva owner who works through this invaluable resource is certain to shed sexual guilt and shame, and learn how to work up to joyous, fabulous, earthquake orgasms.”

Michael Castleman, former Playboy columnist, medical journalist and  author of ‘Sizzling Sex for Life’

“Female orgasm is not always easy to experience. In this comprehensive and interactive workbook, the author has provided a roadmap for the journey it takes to liberate orgasms for female-bodied individuals. This powerful workbook will enhance the sexual pleasure and healing for those who are fortunate enough to indulge in it to the max. “

Dr. Patti Britton, the “Mother of Sex Coaching”, Co-Founder of SexCoachU and a renowned Clinical Sexologist 

The evidence-based approach in this book conveys crucial medical knowledge in easy-to-understand language. With the topic having long been neglected in medicine and society, this is an important contribution to sex education.
Alicia Baier, MD, Co-Founder of Doctors for Choice Germany. 

The guide is designed to help you get started on your journey. It is not meant to be read in one sitting, but rather structured as a workbook to take you through a number of exercises. Your journey may very well take you a few weeks or even months. Be patient! Get a journal and be ready to learn about yourself, your beliefs, your body and your attitudes towards sex and orgasms, In this guide, you find my collective insights on what is required for vulva owners to enjoy orgasms: The guide is based on my own education and clinical practice as a sexologist, years of digging through any available research on the matter, and the knowledge and learnings from many, many sexologists who boldly entered the field before me. I wanted to provide you with the most helpful tips and resources, the most accurate information and the most up to date statistics to reach your goal. It is a condensed summary of what you need to know about human sexuality and pleasure to reach your personal goal. Still, there is a LOT of work on your side required! You own your pleasure! Here is how I structured the guide:

I- Benefits

II- Did you know?

III- The Penis in Vagina Myth

IV- Female Pleasure Anatomy

V- Common Reasons

VI- Fantasies & Sexy Context

II- Little Helpers

IIX- Solo Sex

IX- Have the talk

X- Final Checklist

XI- Next steps

XII- References


Do you struggle with orgasm?

You are not alone. And the good news is -

You can learn how to let orgasms happen through a

combination of body knowledge, mental reframing and

practice. The Ultimate Guide is full of them!

"Every vulva owner has the capacity to orgasm -

and deserves sexual pleasure!"


Learning about your own body is crucial in gaining the power to let orgasms happen. 

Download chapter 4 "Female Pleasure Anatomy" free of charge today!

It's full of expert insights, exercises and tips.

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