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New Podcast: Berlin Intim

allows its audience to listen into live Sexcoaching sessions with familiar faces. 


Each Guest joins Lea in the Studio with a problem they are currently facing in their actual SexLife. Learning and laughing along with a diverse set of Coachees, The audience finds Fantasies, desires and Struggles normalized and sex myths debunked. Are your fanatasies ok? How do you communicate your needs to your partners? Why do your dream of  simulatneously Orgasm with your partners? Is the Clitoris really responsible for all Orgasms of Vulva Owners?


While sexcoaching is NOT sextherapy, picture the  practice of a typical therapist to get a better Idea of Lea’s work with clients. Four comfy armchairs, cups of warm tea on a table in between, a notebook on Lea’s Lap and a shelf full of sextoys, educational books and vulva, klitoris and penis models made out of soft, colourful fabric. Sexcoaching, as Lea practices it, is a talk-based approached for Healthy individuals to reach sexual goals. It is about building strategies to remove hurdles that stand in the way, filling knowledge Gaps and providing a safe space for self-reflection. Lea’s approach is built on the last 70 years of sexological research, non-pathologizing and sex-positive.


Season 1 of the podcast Berlin Intim is currently being recorded with JamFM at the RTL Audio Studios in Berlin. We are roughly at halftime (as of today 4/2/24) and will publish the episodes weekly once all of season 1 is completed. We already have 2 exciting sponsors on board from both the toy development and the retail space that share similar sexpositive values.

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-> Apply to become a coachee (=guest) on the podcast

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