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I am sexcoaching couples on RTL's "Stranger Sins"

Stranger Sins: The Sex-Experiment.

After a fabulous shooting this January in Mexico, RTL published more details about the show, the participating couples, the release date and my role this morning.Like you, I am very excited for the first season!

As an author and clinical sexologist, I welcomed the couples to a beautiful hacienda in Mexico and sexcoached them throughout their journey to make their number one sexual fantasy a reality. Is the relationship strong enough? What rules need to be negotiated to that all parties feel comfortable? How can the couples prepare? What does every partner need? What's the level of trust? Are the couples ready to welcome partners outside of their relationship into their sexual activities? And then later: Did the experiment change the relationship? Was reality as good (or better) than the fantasy? What emotions came up? What learnings do the couples take away?

The show starts airing this Friday, July 21, 2023. 2 episodes of the 8-part show will be released for streaming every week on RTL+. Also part of the team of experts is the wonderful Dominique Insomnia, with whom I had a lot of fun shooting the reality format for you. I'll be sharing more insights on fabulous experience in the coming days here on my blog.

A big thank you to the team around Vanessa Schmid and Alexander Seelinger, who made my TV debut amazingly smooth!

Foto: RTL+


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